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Decrease walkaways & Increase Customer Satisfaction

Allow your guests to wait virtually

Say Goodbye to Long Chaotic Lines & Allow Customers To Wait From Anywhere. Get your all-in-one virtual queue & scheduling solution in less than 5 minutes today.

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No More Boring Waiting Around

Elevate Guest Experiences

Let guests join from Anywhere, Anytime

Give your guests the ultimate convenience by offering flexible options to join your virtual queue. Whether they prefer a hassle-free kiosk experience, using their own mobile phone, or simply accessing your website, we've got you covered. With real-time check-ins or the ability to schedule future appointments, joining has never been easier or more accessible.

Streamline Operations

Waiting around is outdated

Embrace the inevitable future of virtual queueing & the power of streamlined processes, enhanced customer experiences, and increased productivity. Experience the transformation as automation takes your business to new heights.

  • Dramatically reduce customer walkaways
  • New age of waiting
  • Scannable QR Code Checkin
Decrease walkaways & manage your customers journey
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Waiting Display Screen

Enhance transparency and reduce customer anxiety while optimizing your business flow. Streamline operations and create a seamless waiting experience with your own real-time Waiting Display Screen.

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How do my guests join the queue?

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Flexible pricing

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For basic business use. Free forever.

  • 100 Waitlist Guests/ month
  • Real time guest updates
  • Live Customer Dashboard
  • Appointment Calendar
  • Public QR Check-in
  • SMS Reminders
  • Integrate Online Payments
  • $0 SMS Credit
  • Priority Support
  • Dedicated Set up Support
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For small businesses with few locations

  • $5 SMS Credit
  • 500 Waitlist Guests/ month
  • Real time guest updates
  • Live Customer Dashboard
  • Appointment Calendar
  • Public QR Check-in
  • Calendar customizability
  • Integrate Online Payments
  • Performance Analytics
  • No-Show Protection
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For businesses with multiple locations

  • $10 SMS Credit
  • 2,500 Waitlist Guests/ month
  • Real time guest updates
  • Live Customer Dashboard
  • Appointment Calendar
  • Public QR Check-in
  • Integrate Online Payments
  • Performance Analytics
  • No-Show Protection
  • Priority Support
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For larger businesses with high volume

  • $20 SMS Credit
  • 6,000 Waitlist Guests/ month
  • Real time guest updates
  • Live Customer Dashboard
  • Appointment Calendar
  • Public QR Check-in
  • Integrate Online Payments
  • Priority Support
  • Dedicated Setup Support
  • 24/7 Support
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Multiple Locations
Centralize your operations and effortlessly oversee appointments, queues, and resources at each location. Access real-time data and performance insights, enabling strategic decision-making and efficient resource allocation.
Real Time Updates.
Give Guests instant notifications and updates on bookings, waiting position & more. This feature ensures clear and immediate communication, enhancing customer satisfaction and optimizing your business's operational efficiency.
Appointment Scheduling
Customers can conveniently book appointments online, selecting preferred dates and times from an availability calendar.
Public QR Code
Display a unique QR code at your business location, allowing customers to scan it with their smartphones to register themselves in the queue. This seamless and contactless process enhances customer safety and satisfaction.
Self Kiosk Check In
Our user-friendly self-service kiosk allows customers to select their desired service, enter essential information, and join the queue seamlessly. By empowering your customers with a quick and efficient check-in process, you can streamline operations and reduce wait times.
Secured Data
Our robust security measures ensure that all your sensitive information, including customer details, appointment data, and business insights, are protected against unauthorized access or breaches.
Business CRM
With a centralized and organized system, you can access valuable customer data, including contact details, booking history, preferences and more.
Easy To Use
Our intuitive platform offers a seamless and straightforward interface, making it effortless for both businesses and customers to navigate and utilize our platform.
Customizable Notifications
Tailor your notifications to match your brand's voice and style, ensuring a consistent and personalized experience for your audience.
Dominate guest experience in your industry today